Easy way to maintain your PC

The following are just a handful of tips to help you keep your Mac or PC running in tip top shape.  If you do these things and still find yourself in a predicament – please drop by and let us help!


Nary a program in existence will keep out the toughest of viruses, but being mindful of the following things will go a long way in prevention.

1. We do NOT believe in McAfee or Norton anti-virus products.   All of the internet service providers love to toss these out as free incentives to their new customers.  Kindly decline.  These monstrous programs tend to suck up a ton of your precious system resources without providing a whole lot of protection.  We find that these programs often are the cause of a computer being slow; sometimes they slow a system down worse than malware would.  Avoid them at all costs.  Also, be aware that even legitimate programs, such as Adobe Reader will toss a McAfee install your way if you don’t uncheck the “please install free McAfee”  box when installing the Reader software.  Installations of software you do want, OFTEN include junk you don’t want.  Pay attention to the installation screens.

2.  NOT all pop ups are bad.  Be discerning.  If Sun Micro Systems JAVA or Adobe FLASH windows open on your desktop or down by the clock in the task bar requesting that you update – do so.  When the security on these programs begins to fall behind (because you have been ignoring the updates), you are holding the back door open for viruses to walk right into your system.  On the flip side, virus and malware creators are well aware that I am telling you to keep these programs updated, so what they have done is created fake websites that look like legitimate updates for these types of programs. Flash and Java, and Google Chrome for that matter will NOT ask you to update via a webpage. Chrome will ask you to update in a Window or in the option menu, Flash and Java will always ask you to update via a Window that pops up on your desktop or down by your clock.  ALWAYS.  Never update these via a big web page telling you that you need update them.  That is a fake page, close it immediately.


1. This is definitely a laptop only rule – do NOT snuggle in bed with your laptop or notebook as if it is your pet.  A laptop that is powered on and wrapped up in your blankets or even on your lap (yes, we understand this is possibly one of the worst naming faux pas in history) can get smothered and overheated.  Repeating this process regularly will almost certainly kill your computer.  Generally, laptops suck in fresh air through bottom, side or rear vents.  Heat from components that produce a great deal of heat runs down a copper heat pipe and the fan sucking in cool air, also blows the hot air back out, keeping these components at a safe operating temperature.  Putting fabric around this ventilation system is an absolute No No.

2. What you do in your home is your business, but if you smoke around your computer, you are turning already hazardous dust build up into a sticky, gooey, Spanish moss like substance.  Very, very bad.|

3. Even the cleanest homes have dust.  We are human and we do shed.  Keeping the fans and vents on your laptop or desktop cleaned out monthly (more if you have pets) is a must.  If you have a compressor, monthly is probably fine.  If you need to use canned or compressed can air, then everycouple of weeks is recommended.